Do I Really Need a Patent to Bring My Invention to Market?

The short answer is – not really for several products. There are times when applying a patent filing in india is sensible and there are many instances when it simply doesn’t. Since money is nearly always an element when bringing a product to life, here are a couple of belongings you got to consider:

– People don’t “knock off” failure. If you developed a product and you can’t seem to sell any to anyone, then maybe it’s not well worth the investment to file a patent.

– Always confirm that your product is viable. I even have mentioned this repeatedly and therefore the reason never changes. Before you spend money on patents or other development work, you would like to form sure that there’s a desire to get your product by strangers to justify the value of patent filings. confine mind that sharing your idea with strangers may put you in danger as someone may like your idea and plan to develop it themselves.

– If you propose to license you ought to decide to file a patent. Most licensees won’t do a licensing affect you unless you’ve got a product that’s protected by a patent. Why would they? there’s an excessive amount of risk for them to market and manufacture your product and without patent protection they risk spending thousands on a product which will be copied by somebody else .

– If you propose to develop and sell your product for a brief period of your time it’s going to not be worth filing a patent. Some people plan on making some quick extra cash by manufacturing a particular quantity of products and selling them quickly to form some extra income – then letting the business go and moving on to something else. If this is often the case, it’s going to not be well worth the financial investment for a patent filing.


– If your product is analogous in design to a different successful product that already is sold at big retail stores then a patent might not be necessary. Some companies make a pleasant business out of “copying” successful products then they advance to other products. One thing these companies nearly always do is to perform a really thorough patent search to make sure they’re not infringing on any a part of someone else’s patent but once they’re clear they plan to make the maximum amount money with similar products as they will while those products remain “hot” within the marketplace.