Clipsal MAX4 3P+N RCBOs

With the MAX4 range 3P+N RCBO you can offer an RCBO solution for 3 phase applications and comply with the latest wiring rules.

Features and Benefits of Clipsal MAX4 RCBOs include:


    • Full installation flexibility with the option of having line connection either from top or bottom.


    • Type A earth leakage protection provides additional safety.


    • Cover all your needs with complete range from 10A to 40A


    • Green strip on the toggle that guarantees opening of all the poles in safety conditions


    • Easy fault identification with visible red tripping flag to identify earth leakage tripping


    • Clear marking of neutral on left side


    • RCBO takes up a total of 5 modules / poles on a standard din rail switchboard

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Hager Compact 4P RCBO

The 4P RCBO is a compact solution for three phase installations in DIN rail enclosures. It combines RCD and MCB protection in a 4 module wide device and is compatible with the Hager onekonekt system. Operating for unbalanced loads and balanced loads, 3 phase protection in DIN rail switchboards has never been as simple and space saving.

Features and Benefits of Hager Compact 4P RCBOs include:


    • Space saving– The 4 pole RCBO combines RCD and MCB protection in a 4 module wide device.


    • Onekonekt compatible– With its isolated neutral fork terminal, the device fits smoothly on a 3 phase busbar (KDN380x) making it fast and easy to install. Home security systems The Neutral cage terminal can be connected to the neutral link or to the neutral busbar (KB181x).


    • Simple replacement– Bi stable DIN clips guarantee easy removal of the device without the need to disconnect or unwire other devices.


    • Wiring rules compliant– The neutral in the 4P RCBOs can be wired to the neutral link or connected through our KB181x busbar to comply with AS/NZS 3000.


    • All options covered– Auxiliaries can be mounted on the left side of the product to either remotely trip the device or check its position.


    • 3 phase– The 4P RCBO will operate for 3 phase unbalanced loads and balanced loads.

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